About Us

EST1923.us is a retail and wholesale e-store of Eyup Sabri Tuncer's personal care and beauty brands in the United States. Our exclusive brands include well-known staples in overseas markets, such as Eyup Sabri Tuncer, EST 1923 and Gizli Bahce.

We are the only exclusive wholesaler for these brands in the United States. Why is this information relevant to you as a customer? Because as the sole agent for these brands, we guarantee the following:

  • The products are purchased directly from the original manufacturers, not through resellers where the origins and storage history of the goods is unknown.
  • We are able to provide sustainable discounts over regular retail prices. The products sold here, unless specifically indicated, are neither discontinued nor clearance stocks; these are the latest and most updated products that you find currently on retail store shelves.
  • As the sole agent, we carry the complete range of products for our brands.