Our Inspiration

Mr. Eyup Sabri Tuncer

The dance of man with nature starts through the scent. The incenses have been burned, the fragrances have been encased for ages only to satisfy an essential sensation of man. That is why the scent has always been a part of man’s development process; just as "EYUP SABRI TUNCER" has existed since the very foundation of the young Republic of Turkey.

Since 1923, Eyup Sabri Tuncer products has been synonymous with tradition, distinction, quality and style. Eyup Sabri, one of the leading heroes of Turkish fragrance history, has created a permanent tradition to stay. The first lemon essence cologne of Turkey. The alluring nature of the scent released from a small workshop in Ankara has spread all over the country and has granted freshness and happiness to people.

EST 1923 is a brand designed with natural creativity concept by Eyup Sabri Tuncer. With a vision of becoming a global brand, EST 1923 takes its strength from Eyup Sabri Tuncer’s experience. Offering natural products designed by a well-equipped staff and advanced production techniques, EST 1923 makes a difference with its developing processes emphasizing the importance of natural ingredients and healthiness as well as production and packaging quality.

Eyup Sabri, continuous to spread freshness and relief in every inch of life its wide product range of nearly 400 different products in categories such as essence colognes, personal care products for hair, hand and body care, wet towels, and air fresheners, offered at home and in abroad.